Tierra Madre

17:50 ,15.6
Cinematheque 5

Dir: Dylan Verrechia
An Israeli premiere of a unique cinematic work that has been traveling the international festival circuit. Aidee Gonzales wrote and stars in a film
based on her own life. Aidee is an erotic dancer at a striptease club and a single mother who falls in love with young Rosalba, a co dancer at the club. Rosalba wants to have her own kid and Aidee agrees to help her to find a man to impregnate her. “Tierra Madre” is a brave film that looks into the margins of Mexican society and the lesbian women who work in the straight sex industry to provide a better future for their kids.
Mexico, 2009, 62 min; Spanish with English subtitles.
In association with Instituto Cervantes

2010 Mexico International Film Festival – WINNER of Best Film
2010 Barcelona LGBT Film Festival – WINNER of Best Film
Chicago LGBT Film Festival – WINNER of Best Film