Experimental Mix

20:00 ,13.6
LGBT Center
94 min
The Multitude is Feverish
Dir: Vika Kirchenbauer
She dives into the city, fights desire and leads herself into a journey of solitude, identity, times and crossings of the personal and public borders. (Germany, 2010, 18 min; English without subtitles).
Dir: Kaveh Nabatian
A closeted Mexican man one day decides to live as a free and happy gay man. (Canada, 2010, 11 min; Spanish with English subtitles)
Black Rose Tango
Dir: Richard Kimmel
A surreal video clip inspired by Kiss of the Spider Woman, Evita, and Pablo Neruda’s poem The Soldier’s Love. (USA, 2010, 13 min; English and Spanish with English subtitles).
Queer in Kansas
Dir: Peter Max Lawrence
A daring portrait of artist and filmmaker Peter Max Lawrence that exposes the feeling of what it’s like to be a closeted gay teen in 90s Kansas.
(USA, 2009, 18 min; English without subtitles).
Whoever, whatever
Dir: Daniel McKernan
Queen of New York’s underground parties and Transsexual Fashion icon Sophia Lamar in a physical and awareness journey film in the tunnels and streets of the Big Apple’s subway system. Shot and glorious black and white. (USA, 2010, 7 min; English without subtitles).
Last Kiss
Dir: Charles Lum
A quick visit to the past and present at the grave of Oscar Wilde (USA, 2012, 77 seconds; English without subtitles).
Dir: Antonio da Silva
In this road trip the super8 camera portrays a human being who loves nature, swimming naked in waterfalls and all the beautiful simple things that Portugal can offer. (England and Portugal, 2012, 10 min; English without subtitles).
The Glitter Emergency
Dir: Paul Festa
Imagine The Artist on heavy drugs. Paul Festa delivers a cinematic campy black-and-white feast inspired by Cinderella. (USA, 2010, 20 min; no dialog).