Lesbian Mix

20:00 12.6
LGBT Center
99 min

Lesbian Cliché Song
Dir: Bob Kohen
Lesbian duo “That’s What She Said” in an amusing clip about Lesbian clichés. (USA, 2011, 5 min; English without subtitles).
Dir: Rafael Lessa
A destructive relationship between a worker in a barbershop and the teenager daughter of her boss.(Brasil, 2012, 18
min; Portuguese with English subtitles).
Dir: Marion Desseigne-Ravel
A young woman starts a new job in a modern office building when she befriends one of her rebellious colleagues. (France, 2010, 15 min; French with English subtitles).
The Maiden and the Princess
Dir: Ali Scher
A girl in search of a fairytale with a happy ending just like the one she aspires to. (USA, 2011, 18 min; English without subtitles).
Lady Pochoir
Dir: Petra Clever
Eve is a nighttime underground graffiti artist who works in delivery during the day. She finds herself sought after by both a policewoman and
a publisher who wants to include her in a book about young artists. (Germany, 2010, 38 min; German with English subtitles).