TLVFest will soon be forced to shut down
and needs your help

The Israeli film council is about to hand the Tel Aviv international LGBT film festival (TLVFest) a disastrous blow.

In just 6 years, TLVFest has become one of the most important and outstanding film festivals in Israel.During its 8 days, this past year’s festival showed over 120 features and short films within 60 different programs, and welcomed 30 guests from all over the world (India, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Germany, France, UK and USA). Still, keeping over 30 percent of the festival’s content is new Israeli cinema; some of it is made possible thanks to the festival’s special competitions and initiations.
“The only criteria that prevents us from receiving our annual financial support from the Israeli film committee” says Yair Hochner, TLVFest’s director, “is that our budget is only NIS 350,000, while the committee’s new law is to support only larger-range festivals, with budgets of over NIS 500,000. I think it’s absurd – why limit the support for the benefit of the 3 biggest Israeli film festivals, which have countless contributors and finances as it is? This new law will completely eliminate the smaller, underground, more daring festivals and hurt the communities who need them like breathing”.

“TLVFest holds annual Israeli short contests and helps promote the filmmakers abroad. It also runs a pitching contest, as well as contests for the best international feature, documentary feature and international short. In 2012 we will have our first HIV-themed Israeli shorts contest.”

Nonetheless, our festival is fighting for its life on a yearly basis. We find it extremely hard trying to convince fashion, food or travel companies to commercially cooperate with us. Their greatest fear, apparently, is to be related to the gay community. And so, what keeps us alive is the money we whatever get from the Israeli film council. That’s why now, when the committee has decided to shut us down, we can’t afford to lose this fight. We are here to stay, and to give the LGBT community in Israel the cultural oasis they so desperately need. Please help us by signing our petition: and by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Emails, or even writing about our emergency situation in your magazine.

How to sign? When you get to the petition page, the first field of the form on the right asks for your name, and the second for your city. Then just hit the big green button, as you’d expect.

Please also write an email to Ms. Limor Livnat – Culture and Sport Minister of Israel and ask her to support our film festival and stop The Israeli film council to stop the funding.
The email of Ms. Or Doron her spoke-person:

Thank you very much, and we hope to see you in Tel Aviv next June.